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Attention! If You\\\re one of the many people who have realized that Blogs are far more powerful marketing weapons compared to traditional websites, what you are going to read will completely revolutionized the way you approach Blog Marketing

\\\Who Else Would Like a Surefire Blueprint using the Power of Web 2.o to Propell your Blog to the Top of the Blogosphere Driving an Avalanche of Laser Targetted Traffic to your Blog\\\

Dear Entrepreneur,

You might have invested considerable time and money in your blog or website and you are now looking on generating a good income from it. You have posted some high quality unique articles and you are so convinced that you would get a good traffic return. But despite all your efforts, you can see only a modest traffic trickling to your website. You listen to the gurus, get on board with Adwords, banner advertising and traffic exchange only to realise that your efforts are in vain.

Welcome to reality! Generating traffic to a website is much harder to what you thought!

It is commonly said that blogs are traffic magnets. They can easily be search engine optimized for leeching on organic traffic. But now more than ever it is really a big challenge to get your blog in the limelight. This is because you have to compete with 100 million blogs out there in the blogosphere.

You may have bought almost every internet marketing product coming on the market and used all those marketing and traffic software you have come across...yet you are not able to generate a generous income. Are you wondering WHY?

Well, the Key is getting traffic to your site. The rest is easy. There are so many examples of poor quality products that generate so many sales simply because they have a massive traffic. The reverse is true, there is so many high quality products that never make a breakthrough in the market simply because of poor traffic. So, in summary what you need is Traffic Traffic Traffic do not even need to have your own product. You can simply promote affiliate products if you know how to generate traffic.

Traditionnally there are 3 problems with generating traffic :

1. Knowledge and experience - if you doing SEO, you really need to know your stuffs. Else you may have your site banned from Search Engines. You will also need to stay up to date. SEO is rapidly evolving. What is working today, may not work tomorrow.

https://www.tradebit.come Consuming: Gathering backlinks for SEO takes a lot of time. You will need to be constantly work on improving your website link popularity.

3. Cost a lot of money - SEO, PPC and Banner advertising are effective but you need a large amount of investment on a regular basis.

Web 2.0 is The One Solution for FREE Traffic. It is much more Powerful than any other means of traffic Generation

With the phenomenal rise in the popularity of Web 2.0 websites like youtube,facebook, hi5 and myspace, internet entrepreneur has found a new way of generating traffic.

Web2.0 have become so popular that Search engines were quick to pay massive amount for those sites. Google bought youtube -(124 million users) for 1.65 billion dollars, Newscorp bought myspace for 580 Million and facebook is currenlt valued at 2.3 Billion dollar.

While so many internet marketers are trying to generate traffic from MySpace and Facebook, a select group of entrepreneurs are reaping out the benefits from BlogCatalog, THE Social Network for Bloggers!

Why is BlogCatalog So Powerful ?

BlogCatalog growth is quite phenomenal. According to Alexa, BlogCatalog traffic has superseded Yahoo\\\s own MyBlogLog. BlogCatalog has an Alexa rank of 1,151 and an estimated to have over 100,000 or more daily visitors. There are currently 73,000 blogs currently registered on BlogCatalog. It also has a PageRank of 7 which shows its authority on Google.

First Time Realeased : The BlogCatalog Marketing Blueprint

It\\\s a complete and highly detailed, easy-to-follow, step-by-step roadmap that will teach you everything you needed to know about BlogCatalog Marketing, making you an expert in less than 24 hours.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Contents Showing How To Put My Proven Secret Blog Catalog Marketing Strategies To Propel Your Blog to the top of the Blogosphere

Learn The Real Reason why blogs are Traffic Magnets. It is not only because they are Search Engine Optimized friendlybut because they are true web 2.0 platform.

Understand the power of BlogCatalog and why it THE Web 2.0 site for Bloggers and why it is vital in your blog marketing effort

Learn why BlogCatalog is far more superior than Yahoo\\\s Mybloglog.

A Closely Guarded Secret how to get a brand new blog get approved in blogcatalog overnight as opposed to the standard 6 months old blog.

Revealed - Exposing the Blog Catalog Algorythm and learn how to more than double your blog ranking.

Covert Techniques To Make Your Blog Profile Irresistible to other Blog Catalog Users and how to optimize it to drive Targetted traffic to your blog.

Must Have Widgets that you need to implement in order to set up your BlogCatalog Account to be a traffic-building machine.

Finally Revealed How to put BlogCatalog on full autopilot driving Consistently a Massive Amount of Traffic to your Blogs.

Simple formula to get 100\\\s of bloggers to add you as your friends exploding your popularity score on BlogCatalog.

Simple \\\Tweak\\\ That Increased My Blog Catalog Rankings

Writing really simple one line post that will make your extremely popular on blogcatalog forum.

Simple trick to get your avatar across hundreds of blogs in just couple of hours ,opening communication channels and propelling your blog to the top of the blogosphere.
And Much, Much More!

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